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    LARK Industries Co.,Ltd.
    Jongryep Kim
    Established Date
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    Head office and Factory

    Address : 96, SANEOPDANJI 4-RO, EOMO-MYEON, GIMCHEON-SI, GYEONGSANGBUK-DO, 39536, REP. OF KOREA.     Tel : 054-430-8182    Fax : 054-430-8182

    Daegu office·Marketing Management Group

    Address : 8F, 9, HWARANG-RO, DONG-GU, DAEGU, 41253, REP. OF KOREA.     Tel : 053-743-8183    Fax : 053-743-8182

CEO Message


We always move forward with a disruptive spirit of innovation.

  • Thank you for your encouragement of LARK INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd., and
    for everyone who visited our homepage with great interest.
    LARK INDUSTRIES is continuously researching and developing based on
    the belief and philosophy to supply better quality sanitary Materials and other industrial materials to customers.
    In order to provide products that can be trusted and used by customers, which can be conveniently Used by customers, and to provide customers with the best satisfaction, All employees are working hard for quality control and service management.
  • Furthermore, under the slogan of customer satisfaction and value
    management, we are doing our best to be reborn one step further
    with the spirit of disruptive innovation in improvement and practice.
    LARK INDUSTRIES is actively exporting to Korea, USA, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, etc., and will continue to draw closer to customers
    with active production, quality and service activities.
    We promise to do our best to become a “company where employees and customers live together” and “a company that grows together with customers”.

CEO Jongryep Kim

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Company Profile
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Company History
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